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Our Services

Pets Grooming
Our groomers take complete care of your pet with rigorous safety and standards in state of the art facilities. Regularly groom your pet allows you to catch any underlying diseases or conditions early.

Pets Hotel
Our Pets hotel gives your pet companion spacious room and comfort during their stay with us. We provide a few sites which include Prince Suite, Queen Suite, King Suite and Impero Suite.

Pets Spa
There are four elements to pet rejuvenation. Our rejuvenation philosophy involves four, namely, improving the coat, improving the skin, improving the coat color and the mutual healing of pet and owner. We have a variety of spa therapy, which helps your pet to be healthier.

Your pets are in good hands with us! Let your favourite get the best care in our center.

Pick Up & Delivery Service
Our pickup and delivery service is the most convenient way to go about your life. There is no need to worry about fur being stuck on your car softer fabric, or fighting rush hour traffic to drop or pick up your pets.